In order to proceed with the archiving of Gaetano Pompa’s works and for the issuance of a certificate of authenticity, please contact the archive by e-mail, sending an image of the front of the work, one of the back, one of the detail of the signature, together with the minimum information about the work (year of execution, dimensions, provenance and eventual exhibition route) and the applicant’s data (first and last name, address, telephone numbers).

Should it be necessary, the applicant will be invited to present the work at the headquarters of the archive in Rome for direct examination and to provide the following professional-quality photographic material:

  • 2 color prints 18×24 cm of the front of the work, visible in its entirety
  • 2 color prints 18×24 cm of the back of the work
  • 1 color print 18×24 cm of the signature detail
  • 2 18×24 cm color prints of any inscriptions, stamps, or labels
  • HD digital shots of front, back and details, tiff format, 300 dpi resolution, 30 cm base

The issuance of certificates of authenticity, verification of works, and all services and consultations requested from the archive are chargeable.

For any inquiries please contact:

Archivio Gaetano Pompa, artist's studio, via Nibby, Rome

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