John Organ

Homage to the painter, sculptor and engraver Gaetano Pompa

Ghotic heads boxed into the facade of Orbetello cathedral
With eyes that seem to follow as one walks past, and
Recall those that gleam inside helmets of armoured men
In the paintings of Gaetano Pompa.

Vittorio Sgarbi

Gaetano Pompa

What purpose can history and nature serve for an artist like Gaetano Pompa? Archeological
remains, documentary records of the past, places, plants, animals are for him an insatiable
desire for creativity.


Mutmassungen su Stravinskij

Almost all my works are called Mutmassungen on something. Mutmassungen is a German word that means “conjecture”. My friend Uwe Johnson from Pomerania (who died tragically in Sheerness in North Kent) used this word for the first time in 1960 in his book Mutmassungen uber Jacob (Conjectures on Jacob). Ever since I have used it too, as homage to Uwe and for the beauty of the word.

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